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Box cover for Revell B-25 BC MITCHELL BOMBER Col Doolittles Tokyo Raider  in 1:48 scale
This file is only for personal use. Instruction, box cover, logos and brandmarks are proprety of Revell.
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B-25 BC MITCHELL BOMBER Col Doolittles Tokyo Raider

Serial no.: H-285

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   - Manufacturer: Revell
   - Scale: 1:48
   - Category: Airplanes
for Revell B-25 BC MITCHELL BOMBER Col Doolittles Tokyo Raider
(size: 1,724 kB) (File downloaded 20 times)
Special thanks to: Simon Laxon | Upload time: 2012-12-27
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zaid7011 says
27-01-2013 22:30:51
very good page, I hope to contribute with my work, I'll upload soon.

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