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Fine molds

Soon in library:

  • North American P-51B Mustang
    (Tamiya, 1:48, no.61042)
  • Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 'Razorback
    (Tamiya, 1:48, no.61086)
  • Republic P-47D Thunderbolt Bubbletop
    (Tamiya, 1:48, no.61090)
  • UH-1D-H ROK Limited Edition
    (Academy, 1:48, no.12308)
  • Mitsubishi A6M3-3a Zero Fighter (Zeke)
    (Tamiya, 1:48, no.61108)
  • Mitsubishi A6M5-5a Zero Fighter (Zeke)
    (Tamiya, 1:48, no.61103)
  • North American P-51D Mustang & U.S. Army Staff Car
    (Tamiya, 1:48, no.89732)
  • Grumman F-14A Tomcat
    (Tamiya, 1:48, no.61114)
  • IAI KFIR C2/C7
    (AMK, 1:48, no.88001)
    (Hobby Boss, 1:35, no.82445)