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Selected instruction
Box cover for Hasegawa Grumman EA-6B Prowler in 1:72 scale
This file is only for personal use. Instruction, box cover, logos and brandmarks are proprety of Hasegawa.
This site and files are only to help people who lost instructions. This page is only used to disseminate information about the product.
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Grumman EA-6B Prowler

Serial no.: K14

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Manufacturer: Hasegawa Scale: 1:72 Category: Airplanes

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Special thanks to: tonton54 | Upload time: 2017-03-03 / My rating:

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CostasGR says
08-10-2018 8:26:42
the instructions for the HASEGAWA K14 shown at your website are not from this kit. Please see the registration numbers of the box art compaired to these shown at the instructions. Does any member have the correct one
CostasGR says
08-10-2018 9:41:47
I have uploaded the correct painting instructions. File name 50-K14l.jpg. The assembly instructions are the same. If down load do not work. contact me to send you a HR copy.

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