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Soon in library:

  • M1025 Humvee Armament Carrier
    (Tamiya, 1:35, no.35263)
  • M1046 Humvee TOW Missile Carrier
    (Tamiya, 1:35, no.35267)
  • M1126 Stryker 8x8 ICV
    (AFV Club, 1:35, no.AF35126)
  • M1130 Stryker CV TACP
    (AFV Club, 1:35, no.AF35130)
  • M1132 Engineer Squad Vehicle SMP Surface Mine Plow
    (AFV Club, 1:35, no.AF35132)
  • M1134 Stryker ATGM
    (AFV Club, 1:35, no.AF35134)
  • Achzarit Early IDF Armored Personal Carrier
    (MENG, 1:35, no.SS-003)
  • British 25-Pdr. Field Gun Mk.II with Limber
    (Dragon, 1:35, no.6774)
  • Centurion Shot Mk.5 1960-Shot Mk.5/1 1967 (Six Day War)
    (AFV Club, 1:35, no.AF35159)
  • Centurion Shot Kal 1973
    (AFV Club, 1:35, no.AF35124)