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wigco says
2021-01-25 15:55:04
looking for revell 1/35 A1 M1 Abrams snap tite instructions
Ryan says
2021-01-09 2:48:53
Donald H Crisp says
2020-12-03 19:38:43
f4u instruction
OregonSushi says
2020-11-21 18:29:52
Still having trouble uploading large PDFs to the instruction bank. A 13.8 meg file stalled out when 99% complete. I have several PDFs that large or larger I want to add but am unable to do so.
Bill says
2020-11-16 14:45:07
I am Looking for Academy kit 13229 king tiger instruction sheets (Last Production)
mark says
2020-10-29 19:27:26
I am looking for instructions for a model ship called Helgoland. The kit was made by a German Co. called Graupner. I know they only come in German, but I have lost them. The kit is from early 60's it is complete and ready to assemble. Please someone help me save this kit.
Loxnine says
2020-10-11 14:57:29
Last Instruction sheet is from over 2 years which tells me the site doesn't work properly
biniek4 says
2020-09-27 16:19:53
Kapitalna strona! Świetna robota!
Znalazłem instrukcję do modelu który czekał na montaż 15 lat.
Pozdrawiam serdecznie
Scott Kibler says
2020-09-24 16:25:03
Awesome site, I have loads of old instructions willing to share. Thanks for the great info.
craig says
2020-09-06 4:22:35
looking for instructions for williams fw14b model kit instructions
OregonSushi says
2020-09-05 20:41:36
I added several PDFs to your instructions archive today, but anything over 17 megs fails part way through the upload. Is this happening to anyone else, or just me?
Glenn ukolowicz says
2020-09-01 19:58:27
owner Prisoncityhobbys facebook builder of commission builds and specialty electronic components for your builds
Ed says
2020-08-30 19:01:55
Would love to see someone have the Tamiya Tiger I 1/35 (35216) model instructions that INCLUDE the RC instructions. The site offers instructions for the non-motorized model. Thanks in advance.
DDonSS3 says
2020-08-26 16:12:10
This is getting very frustrating. I still can't log in. When I go to the part that says enter your email for a new password, I'm told that I've had success changing my password. Then I still cannot login.

Would it be possible to delete my account (DDonSS3@aol.com) so that I can re-register as a new user and start over?
DDonSS3 says
2020-08-13 15:55:15
I am unable to log in. When I try to log in I get an alert that's something along the line of "something went wrong." So, I enter my eMail and make a new password and I get "hooray you changed your password." When I try to log in using my eMail and new password, I'm back to the "something went wrong" alert. It's just a vicious circle when I try to log in. Any suggestions?
Patrick says
2020-08-01 4:38:47
I have a kit to build a Meng D9R armoured bulldozer, but the darn mice ate the instruction sheets. Can I get a copy please?
Pat says
2020-07-27 6:17:55
I have a kit to build a Meng D9R armoured bulldozer, but the darn mice ate the instruction sheets. Can I get a copy please?
amodel says
2020-07-10 18:45:50
Gary S says
2020-06-30 22:34:53
I just requested knowledge of how to obtain Instructions for a Lindberg Bobtail Model T and do not know how to receive a response.... would that be done here? I just discovered this website and hope I can find those instructions here. Thank you for your time.
Paula says
2020-06-28 13:15:01
I just received a couple hundred wwII models by numerous companies. some have instructions some do not. I am interested in selling them some are small some are large such as the Aurora Heller Pretige Series Super Frelon S>A> 321.
Preador says
2020-05-15 4:39:19
Hi Peter, I uploaded instructions, and seems I forgot a page, should I just upload another one or is there a way I can edit my submission?
Preador says
2020-05-15 4:39:14
Hi Peter, I uploaded instructions, and seems I forgot a page, should I just upload another one or is there a way I can edit my submission?
SFHorizons says
2020-04-27 7:14:04
Thanks heaps, Peter.
SFHorizons says
2020-04-27 7:03:36
No dramas, it finally worked. Guess there was a data lag of some kind.
SFHorizons says
2020-04-27 6:55:10
Ok, so it recognises my email for the Guestbook, but not to download instructions???
SFHorizons says
2020-04-27 6:52:50
This is test to see if anything actually works here. I've registered and received a confirmation email, but when I then try to login, it doesn't recognise my email!
Peter_D says
2020-04-14 21:58:50
Hi All and sorry for delay. I try my best to split time to family, site, work and so on...
Once again, sorry for problems, I'll try to repair them also increse User expirience bu t you must understand, that there's a lot bad people who were downloading 100 instructions per day and totaly push server to the limit. Thats why I added some restrictions.

And now answers:
First of all, this site was checked for mainly all modern browsers. I'm not sure if it works on older browsers.

Mr Bill >> White box shoud not be visible from a long time. Instruction download works perfectly.

jeppe >> Sorry for your experience with this site. I always trying to make this works as good as possible, but I write this code by my own during free time so...you know ;)

Fke >> downloading somethong that is bigger or smaller doesn't matter. There is no limit of weight of file from my side.

Victor >> This site doesn't works like that. Donation is voluntary and does not result in any additional privileges. You can increse you cownload credit to upload some instructions or click on advertises.
Victor says
2020-04-06 22:55:07

Is there a way to make a donation in order to subscribe? I do not have any downloads left and would like to pay for my use of this site.

Hal says
2020-04-02 4:37:52
Morgan 4/4 1996 kit
Fke says
2020-03-08 13:56:08
I wanted to say Upload and not download. More than 3Mb and it blocks. Any suggestion ?
Vincent Olsson says
2020-03-02 23:48:17
All aircraft and 1/35 armour
Fke says
2020-03-01 20:13:15
It's diificult to download something more than 3 MB.
lobo says
2020-01-27 21:02:47
thank you for the help
jeppe says
2019-09-03 16:10:57
Software is TERRIBLE!!!!! Everytime I click to download a file an ad pops in and blocks ability to click on anything including the button to collapse the ad, rendering this website absolutely useless.....good idea, bad form, goodbye
jeppe says
2019-09-03 16:10:27
Software is TERRIBLE!!!!! Everytime I click to download a file an ad pops in and blocks ability to click on anything including the button to collapse the ad, rendering this website absolutely useless.....good idea, bad form, goodbye
Mr Bill says
2019-08-31 22:43:24
Joined site today to look for and download English instructions for some older Tamiya kits. Found kits I wanted buy when I select download button all I get is a white box.

Now site will not let me log out.

Do you have a problem or is this site a scan?
monkeymp says
2019-07-17 18:10:07
Im assistant curator at the Ulster Aviation Museum in Northern Ireland. Today I was handed two models a Heller Potz 63-11 1/72 and an ESCO F-86 E Freece Tricolori. Both model have decals, but no instructions so was wondering if anyone might know where I can the instructions from.
DDonSS3 says
2019-06-06 13:53:37
I'm having the same issue as Claude. I can change my password, it's accepted, then it tells me that there's a problem.
Claude says
2019-05-10 20:25:13
trying tosignin as a registered guest then asamember...what gives
Monkeymp says
2019-04-09 21:07:51
Can anyone point me in the right direction to a web site where I can download instructions for two aircraft models, namely a Revell FW190F-8 1/32 , and a Matchbox Messerschmitt BF109E 1/32
Tamidiot says
2019-02-02 14:55:47
My upload of the box-art ( 4,4 MB of the Tiger I stops at 3/4
Tamidiot says
2019-01-27 22:47:21
How long does it take to approve my downloads,I uploaded them one by one because I could not select them together in a compleet file
Mark Pearce says
2018-10-18 2:10:25
THANK YOU, Piotr. Noted that many of the "missing" box cover photos have now appeared.
I am NOT trying to find work for you to do, Piotr. Are you sure you mean I am your "Eagle Eyes" , and not me being a 'pain in the butt'? :-) lol
Peter says
2018-10-17 21:52:43
Mark, you are my eagle eye ;) Right now I'm trying to fill all missing photos. Those missing images are cosed by fact, that I trying to accept instrucions to download without adding images. I know, that they're missing and I'm trying to add them when I'm on my computer :)
Mark Pearce says
2018-10-17 21:06:29
SOME of the box cover pictures have now appeared on the "Latest Kit Instructions" page. But still many box cover photos are missing. Hope this helps?
Mark Pearce says
2018-10-17 21:04:03
Thank you Piotr for all the hard work you have been doing in the "back office". I will check out upload just as soon as I can and report results. Thank you. :-)
Peter_D says
2018-10-15 23:57:45
Hi all, please check out upload now, hope my modifications will help :)
Peter_D says
2018-10-15 14:09:55
Loxnine >> I must check it out immediately.
Loxnine says
2018-10-15 14:08:35
Upload stops halfway, and it's only 4.9MB
Peter_D says
2018-10-15 11:55:07
Upload of instructions work quite alright, now I've checked it and all files get through. Try to check size of file.
last upload of file with instruction I have from 2018-10-09.
Loxnine says
2018-10-15 11:41:48
This site is for uploading your instructions but it does'nt seem to work at the mo
Convair says
2018-10-10 2:26:14
I can not upload pdf files, I've tried it several times (on different computers / internet connections / Windows systems) and it does not work.
Loxnine says
2018-10-07 9:39:11
Upload gets stuck nearly halfway.
DocRic says
2018-10-05 7:25:21
I often need instructions.
Mark Pearce says
2018-09-23 15:41:48
Hi Piotr.
Just in case you weren't aware of it, NO BOX ART photos are showing for the latest batch of instructions you have added (circa mid September 2018 ??)
The boxart photos are not showing on my Apple devices (OSX and Apple mobile devices (iPad (iOS). Also not showing on my Android device (Galaxy smartphone).
I cannot comment on PC platform as I do not possess any PC platform device.
I hope this helps, Piotr?
Best regards,
Mark Pearce
Peter_D says
2018-09-18 20:40:48
Eric, This is probably coused that someone has already used Your e-mail during registration, I do not know your e-mail, so it's hard to check it.
eric says
2018-09-18 10:40:54
never been on you're site but looked very interesting so thought it would be a smart idea to register
but always get the reply " mail already excist "
Mark Pearce says
2018-08-24 12:50:02
Thank you for your message, Piotr.
I know that you have many more demands on your time nowadays, and as the site becomes more and more popular and the database of instructions continues to grow, it puts ever more pressures on you to grow and maintain the site.

I'm sure that the overwhelming majority of registered members will understand your difficulties, and continue to be patient and thank and support you in all that you do for us.

Happy re-coding and bug fixing. :-)
Peter_D says
2018-08-20 7:55:18
To All of you guys...I'll back soon, probably today and check all problems. Also, I'll try to rebuild this site, because code is very old. Also some bug fixes are necessary
Peter_D says
2018-08-20 7:29:41
intruder25 >> Donation has nothing to credits on this site but I'll try to do with this. Try now :)
intruder25 says
2018-08-19 15:58:16
Hello , i'm new to this site. recently I lost all my instructions sheets and decals and a fellow modeler recommended this site. I have nothing to upload even my computer was lost , but if I make a donation can I continue to download more instructions?
Thanks in advance for any help ! Tony Perez
trentotreno says
2018-08-08 18:10:03
manual istruction TAMIYA VOSPER
GMYC says
2018-08-06 15:50:16
Es ändert sich nichts. Der upload klappt immer noch nicht. Das heißt dann wohl, man kann diese Seite vergessen, da der Chef sich auch nicht meldet. Eigentlich schade.!!!
GMYC says
2018-07-26 14:57:00
since 2 days I try to submit a instruction (app. 11mb). The transfer stopps always after app. 30%.
What is wrong? My mistake?
Mark Pearce says
2018-07-19 20:40:54
Hi Piotr. Hope you and family are all good.
I am sorry to report that I am still not able to upload any new instructions files since my last messages. I have tried quite a few different files (all with maximum size of less than 30MB) All the .pdf files work OK and are visible in all my other applications. But whatever I seem to try, I can CHOOSE the file to upload OK, the upload STARTS OK, but then just stops.

(Sometimes the upload progress bar only advances to about 30% - 40% before the upload stops. Other times the progress bar might advance to almost 90% before the upload stops.)

Sorry to be still reporting the same problem to you. And I know the time you can devote to maintaining the site is more limited now. But it seems that a number of other users are also reporting the same issue.

For your information: Myself and many others users have successfully uploaded files since you changed the HTML5/no Flash coding. But has something changed in the last few months that some of us are experiencing much difficulty in uploading new files, or in my case I now seem unable to upload any new files at all.

Best regards, Piotr
Mark Pearce (UK)
Clay says
2018-07-11 16:36:42
Having issues uploading instructions. The first two went fine but then the next two stopped uploading at about 50%. I cancelled the uploads and tried redoing them but they still froze up. Each is about 5.5mb.
DanielGob says
2018-06-10 16:21:37
http://pornovar.net/categories/ -
Mark Pearce says
2018-05-08 17:43:01
Thank you for your recent note, Piotr.
I will have some more tries and let you know if I have any success in trying to upload the instruction.

Also, Piotr, I have noticed that several of the instructions that you have uploaded recently are repeats (duplicating) instructions files of mine that you have already uploaded some time ago. This is not any problem for me, but I am just letting you know to try to save you eating up server space unnecessarily.

The most recent ones that I have noted are:

1: Tamiya 20mm Flakvierling 38 mit Sd.Ah.52
(Tamiya 35091 - from Verzamelaar, originally uploaded 2017-10-11) (You added instruction to site approx. 5,6,7 May 2018 ??)

2: Tamiya Tank Recovery Accessory Set for German 18t Half-track
(Tamiya 35243 - from Verzamelaar originally uploaded 2017-10-11) (Added to site late April/early May ??)


3: Tamiya Russian Self-Propelled Gun SU-76M
(Tamiya 35348 - from Lae519 originally uploaded 2017-09-18)

I hope you don't mind me flagging these up, Piotr? And please say if you would prefer me to send any such discrepancies that I happen to notice to you via email, rather than via Guest Book?

As always, Piotr, very many thanks for all that you do in having developed and maintaining the site. :-)

Best wishes to you all, and I hope your good lady and new son are both doing well. :-)
Mark Pearce
Peter_D says
2018-05-07 8:57:44
Mark Pearce >> I'll check it out because it's a strange case
huskyboy says
2018-05-07 8:47:28
hi just another modeller interested in different kit instructions and more
Mark Pearce says
2018-04-25 2:41:11
Hi Piotr,

Piotr, I am afraid I am having trouble uploading Instruction files again.
File is a PDF, and size is within the 30MB max (reports as 27.8MB)
I can populate all the required fields, and the HTML5 "SELECT FILE TO UPLOAD" box allows me to choose the required file OK.
When I click the "+SUBMIT INSTRUCTION" link, the file STARTS to upload OK, and the progress bar starts to advance.
BUT the upload stalls/"freezes"/stops before the upload completes. Sometimes the progress bar advances to about 70%, but more often, the progress "stalls" at about 30-35% progress on the bar.
I HAVE managed to successfully upload instructions OK since you did the new HTML5 Uploader. But now it is not working at all for me.
I have logged out, relaunched the web page, then logged back in again (tried MANY times) and made probably about 20-25 attempts to upload this particular file (which works OK in any other PDF application/viewer I have)
I don't think anything has changed from what I have had success with before.
Help!! Any ideas? And I hope I have provided sufficient information to help you to diagnose what the problem might be.

Best regards,
Mark Pearce
Mark Pearce says
2018-04-15 17:12:03
Hi Piotr,
I hope all is well with the family, and I see you have been very busy recently, doing many uploads. Well done, and thank you. :-)

I have noticed that 3 of your recent uploads (~ 12-14 April, 2018 ??) seem to have become duplicated on the site?? At least, they are showing twice on the Latest Kit Instructions section of the page as I am viewing it.

These 3 kit instructions are -

1. - TAMIYA 6502 - 1/35 U.S. 75mm Pack Howitzer (File size: 349 kB, originally uploaded 26 Sept 2017)

2. - TAMIYA 6501 - 1/35 German 7,5cm Light Infantry Gun (File size: 360 kB, originally uploaded 26 Sept, 2017)

3. - TAMIYA MT-0033 - 1/35 8ton Semi Track Sd.Kfz.7 (File size: 623 kB, originally uploaded 26 Sept, 2017)

NOTE: These duplicated instruction files APPEAR to be the same files (same file size) - BUT - there are DIFFERENCES in the NAME/TITLES of the kits. The files were originally uploaded by: 'Verzamelaar'

(for example: Initial Capital (upper case) letter(s) for one version of file, but ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in case of the other version) for the two guns, and different ORDER OF WORDS in the case of MT-0033 (German 8ton Semi Track Sd.Kfz.7)

I hope this helps, and I must emphasise that this is NOT to find faults or to criticise anyone, but to help avoid unnecessary duplication and I hope, to save (a little bit !!) of server storage capacity. :-)

With very best wishes to you three, :-)
Mark Pearce
Peter_D says
2018-04-13 21:38:30
maharg >> You need to have PDF files max 30MB for one file. If you have bigger files, please give me information about that. I'll increase upload limit.
maharg says
2018-04-13 16:38:55
I have a fair number of plans but find I can't send them. I have used a PC and an Apple and never have any success. The result is I can no longer enter the system using my email.
arkaan87 says
2018-04-06 10:33:00
Now it works just fine, many thanks! :)
Only thing is that the file is downloading without file extension, but it's not a problem for me.
Peter_D says
2018-04-06 9:56:25
arkaan87 >> Try now. I fidex link, also I gave you 10 new fresh download points :)
arkaan87 says
2018-04-06 9:47:06
Hello, I've tried many times to download an instruction. But always after enterning answer to anti bot its redirecting to home page and nothing happens beside -1 download left. Tried on chrome, IE and firefox.
Peter_D says
2018-04-05 8:26:00
Hi, I have plans to provide some kind of blogs system of building kits, write reviews and so on for all users. Please feel free to give your opinion if this kind of modyfication would be a good for you?
cheap levitra 10mg says
2018-04-04 3:44:09
There are also so many video uploading websites, and these also give facility for distribution their video tutorials, except I think YouTube is the most excellent.
bushieboy says
2018-03-22 21:30:42
browsing when required
Lae519 says
2018-03-21 13:11:48

Congrats to you and your wife. I remember my first, I was in the room and then asked to leave, So I didn't get to see my daughter until a few moments later. Emergency C section with the cord around her neck. She was born blue.. Now she works alongside those who saved her as a nurse.

All the best to you two and the baby, enjoy these times they go so fast... Larry
Mark Pearce says
2018-03-12 2:23:59
Hey Piotr,
No worries, my friend, and certainly no "sorries" are necessary! - not for any delays, and also, not for any not answering. Certainly not as far as I am concerned.

Piotr, very many sincere congratulations to you and your good lady on the birth of your son (even if SHE had to do all the hard work :-). The birth of your first child is a *VERY* important occasion, and it SHOULD certainly take any priority over the site. I am sure every user of the site will understand that!

So - very many congratulations to you and your good lady. And I hope that all is going well for your wonderful, 'brand new' family, and that you are managing to settle down into SOME SORT of regular schedule! I am surprised if you are even getting ANY sleep - never mind being able to get any work done on the site! (lol)

No replies were really necessary to my messages. My messages were more intended just to let you (or anyone else) know ("For Information Only") that the new HTML5 "SELECT FILE" and the "UPLOAD FILE" process were working - at least, they have worked for me. (Apple iMac/Safari and Apple iPad 3/Safari)

The very best of wishes to you three. And you were not "partially out of order", Piotr. You were just "otherwise busy" doing something *EXTREMELY* important. And don't worry if your son is taking up much of your time. It's only for the next TWENTY YEARS, or so! :-)

With very best wishes to you all,
Mark Pearce

Oh… by the way, Piotr. Thank you for finding some time to share your really great news with us, and to explain why you have been "a little bit busy"! :-)
Peter_D says
2018-03-11 21:19:00
Hi, all. Sorry for delays from my side, and no answering. Mark, I have all Your emails. The reason of my partially "out of order" was the birth of my son ... the very first :)
In last saturday he ended his first month of his life, and he taking mostly all of my time. Thats why I was stuck of answering, file moderation and so on whitch has connection with this site. So sorry once again, I'll try to compensate this situation all of You.
About HTML5 Uploader. Please try again, maybe there some server complications or something. If it will stuck again, refresh the site and select file once again. This is only advice for now I can give You for now.
Mark Pearce says
2018-03-10 20:22:40

For your information (Peter_D - and anyone else it might help)
I have now tried a full upload of an instruction file using the "new" HTML5 Uploader…. with success! :-)

It kept stopping/'stalling' before the upload completed on the evening of Fri 09 March, 2018.
But I have just tried again now (evening of Sat 10 March, 2018), and the Upload completed quickly and completed successfully.

Note: There was nothing different on my setup between the unsuccessful Friday evening attempt(s), and the successful upload just completed now. So I am guessing that (maybe?) work was being done on the site on Friday evening??

Many thanks, Piotr :-)
Mark Pearce
Mark Pearce says
2018-03-04 15:31:15
@ Piotr

I have not had any instructions to actually try Uploading SINCE you have added the new HTML5 Uploader, Piotr, but thank you for having done that.

Just for info, the "new" (Select Instructions File To Be Uploaded) section (by 'clicking' inside the dotted line box) works fine for me on my iMac/Safari and also on my iPad3 (iOS V 9.5.3) since you made the changes. :-)

Thank you.
Mark Pearce says
2018-02-24 13:54:36
@ JanS
Hi JanS. (from Mark Pearce)
I don't know if this might be of any relevance or help, but I happen to know that Peter_D has been working on some revisions to the site very recently (about 22/23 Feb, I think?) - specifically regarding the "Upload Instructions" section of the site.

It MIGHT?? be possible that you were trying to Upload files while Peter had the site partially or fully "disabled"? (I don't know if the coding for the site can be 'worked on' while full functionality of the site is preserved, although I doubt it ??)

I have not tried to actually Upload any instructions SINCE the HTML5 changes that Peter_D has made. But just for info, the "new" (Select Instructions File To Be Uploaded) section (by 'clicking' inside the dotted line box) works fine for me on my iMac/Safari and also on my iPad3 (iOS V 9.5.3) SINCE Piotr has made the changes.

It might be worth trying again (now that Piotr seems to have completed the changes he was making) and seeing if your files now upload OK/more quickly??

Absolutely agree with you that the site is a great idea, and may I thank you in advance on behalf of all users of the site, in the hope that you can very soon SUCCESSFULLY upload all those instructions that you have 'waiting in the wings' ready to Upload. :-)

Forgive my input, here, Piotr, and I hope this might help, and that the issue you have been experiencing is now resolved. (By the way, I have no direct involvement or duties involved with Piotr or the site, other than being a very appreciative user and occasional contributor of instructions to the site.)

Good luck, and best wishes,
Mark Pearce
(mid Wales in UK)
JanS says
2018-02-23 11:41:55
Hi I have tried to upload some instructions three times now. The last time I even went and made a cup of coffee while it was uploading and it still hadn't done it by the time I came back. It's a shame it doesn't seem to be working as I think the site is a great idea and would like to help. I must have around sixty sets of instructions I could upload but I can't do it if it is going to take so much time.
Peter_D says
2018-02-19 12:40:30
Mark Pearce >> Thanks for info, I'll keep an eye for it!
barwick64 says
2018-02-19 12:16:44
I cannot register, Tried everything.
barwick64 says
2018-02-19 12:11:00
I cannot register, Tried everything.
jerry says
2018-02-16 15:10:43
please help me find 1/35 hobby boss spainish leopard 2e #82432
Mark Pearce says
2018-02-12 11:14:14
Hi Peter_D
CONCERNING: Dragon #6614 (1/35 OT-34/76 Mod.1943) instruction file recently uploaded

Peter, I have just uploaded new instruction file. But the first version I uploaded had small errors (blank page 8, and cropping errors on 1st page) Very sorry!
I uploaded the original version on Sat 10 Feb, 2018 (Sorry, but I can't remember at what time I uploaded it). But I have just today (Monday 12 Feb 2018) realised my errors, and have just uploaded the CORRECT version.
As I say, I am really sorry for my error (and cause you any extra work). But if when you come to review and upload the instruction, could you (if possible) please ignore or delete the version that I uploaded on Sat 10 Feb. And use the (correct) version which I have just uploaded (Mon 12 Feb 2018)
I do try to double-check that my instruction file(s) have no errors etc. before I click the upload link. But this one seems to have slipped through my "Quality Control" checks :-)

Best regards,
Mark Pearce (UK)
Barry says
2018-02-11 23:43:38
Barry says
2018-02-11 23:43:17
Barry says
2018-02-11 23:42:58
Peter_D says
2018-02-11 22:01:38
@rgs19 please enable Flash player in your browser
rgs19 says
2018-02-11 19:40:01
I cannot upload any instruction file.
Kerry Waldick says
2018-02-09 19:07:43
Looking for instructions for Tamiya’s Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.H kit # 54 1/35 scale
steve says
2018-01-18 14:32:05
Dragon kit instructions
Will says
2018-01-14 19:58:28
I'm looking the instructions for a Nitto Sdkfz 251/1 Rocket Launcher, 1/35. Kit # 383-1000. Thanks.
Gordon says
2018-01-10 10:39:49
looking for instructions for a 1:73 Frog model of a spitfire IX
Randy says
2017-12-16 5:40:39
Hello trying to register/login with no luck 2nd try. How do I get access to the site. going round and round with same result.
Peter_D says
2017-11-19 13:53:34
paul >> I think, that information from service is clear. Some user have already register on this site.
paul says
2017-11-19 7:32:40
hello tried to login and re reg; login says my email is not reg; reg says my email is already in your data base ???????????????? thanks
modelakias says
2017-09-23 9:21:41
because I can not do it upload?
snark says
2017-09-19 23:51:26
I've tried 4 lower case: 4 lower case and 4 numbers: 1 upper case 1 lower case 1 number and 1 punctuation none of these combos work as a password so it has to be something specific about the combination other than 4 characters to select a pass word any help with this would be apperciated
Peter_D says
2017-09-19 8:40:04
snark >> You're not in database so you probably did something wrong :) Rememmber that password should be at least 4 signs and there must be correct controll sum (captcha) witch is at the bottom of register form
snark says
2017-09-19 2:44:31
I've made several attempts to register for the site but none seem to take any help would be appreciated or how can I get in contact withe the moderator as I cant find a contact page

Lae519 says
2017-09-12 15:07:18

Yes, the IE problems have been ongoing. And thanks for the kind words.
I was always looking for a yard sale deal and such, and actually scored a few large lots before Ebay. Most of them never had the instructions or decals, so it was always a chore to find these items. I found this website, and decided to help out where I could. I was fortunate enough to "find" a large number of kit instructions. And an older modeller, who has since passed on gave me his very large accumulation as PDF files. I'm very happy to pass these on to my fellow modellers.
Mark Pearce says
2017-09-12 12:47:38
@ Lae519 (from Mark Pearce, mid Wales in the UK)

Aha! So it's not only Apple users who experience the odd platform/configuration/functionality problems then. lol

Incidentally, you seem to be a VERY prolific uploader. So from a very modest uploader to "The Master", well done & thank you on behalf of all modellers for all that you contribute. :-)

Best regards,
Mark Pearce.
Lae519 says
2017-09-11 13:25:07
Hi Guys - just looking over some of the comments below. IE10 has not worked for me for sometiime. But Firefox seems to have no problems, uploading or downloading..

Peter_D says
2017-09-06 12:08:25
CliveB >> First of all, check if email is correct, check if password is correct.
CliveB says
2017-09-06 12:06:30

I have tried to register a number of times but just keep getting and "Ooops something is wrong check all fields"

Have checked and varied all fields still no luck.

Could you please inform me as to where I am going wrong.


Peter_D says
2017-09-03 12:03:41
Matt >> t
Matt says
2017-09-02 17:46:56
Cannot register keeps getting message email already exists?
Peter_D says
2017-07-29 18:14:56
boxer >> Check now.
boxer says
2017-07-29 15:27:00
Hi, if I had it right there is a problem with new register accounts from a iMac? What can I do to make a successful register? I try 4 times to make an account but there no email coming to confirm the register.

2017-07-28 13:08:26
Thanks Peter everything is fine now. I'm logged in sucessfully. Fault was on my side.
Peter_D says
2017-07-27 15:32:39
Mark, thanks for problem report. I'll try to upload new version of uploader today ;)
Mark Pearce says
2017-07-26 14:37:12
I am NOW able to "SELECT INSTRUCTION FILE" to upload (under Mac OSX V10.10.5 Yosemite/Safari browser) :-)

Hi Peter,

Further to my previous on this subject… I had incorrectly configured (NOT enabled) my Flash Player settings for the site. Sorry for my ignorance, or any confusion I may have caused to anyone.

Just to confirm ... the "SELECT INSTRUCTION FILE" 'click-box' *DOES* appear in Mac OSX/Safari browser … as long as you have the Adobe Flash player Plug-In turned "ON" in Safari>Preferences>SECURITY tab> Allow Internet Plug-Ins tick-box CHECKED, and Adobe Flash Player turned "ON" (for Galaxy Kits website) via the relevant settings accessed via the "PLUG-IN SETTINGS … click-box.

I hope this clarifies MY!! confusion, and may help anyone else who might have experienced similar.

It appears that my Flash Player plug-in MAY have got inadvertently turned OFF during a recent security patch/update to OSX and/or Safari browser.

I can resume uploading some more instructions (in Safari) now :-)

Many thanks for all previous help and comments on this. :-)
Mark Pearce says
2017-07-19 23:48:18
(Wed 19 July 2017)

Hi Peter,
I have just noticed that this Dragon instruction #6711 (which I uploaded long time back) has NO TITLE for the kit. (Sorry! My mistake when I originally uploaded)
Everything else looks OK. But just to help people, could you please try to add the kit's NAME, next time when you are having a marathon editing & uploading session. Many thanks in anticipation. Cheers. Mark Pearce (UK)

The kit's name should be : "Sd.Kfz.10/4 für 2cm FlaK 30 (1940 production) w/Sd.Ah 51 ammo trailer"

Peter_D says
2017-07-19 13:54:57
SAKKIE: your account is active, maybe you have wrong password or Capslock?
2017-07-19 13:48:33
Hi Peter , a couple of weeks passed and I still can not log in. Can you please be so kind as to re-activate my account.
Mark Pearce says
2017-07-14 21:51:55
Thanks, Peter_D.

I understand that Apple doesn't like to 'play nicely' with Flash on iOS/mobile devices. But I have Flash, Java etc. (with all the latest updates applied) enabled on my desktop (iMac) computer (running Yosemite), and I confirmed that any Pop-up Blockers are DISABLED.

Just to confirm... I CAN select the desired instructions file, and upload succesfully when using the Firefox browser on my iMac.… but not able to select Instruction File when using Apple's SAFARI browser. Hope this helps you to diagnose & fix the coding. And many thanks in advance. Apple, eh !!!! :-(

And many thanks for your reply, plus all that you do for us modellers by running this site. Thank you. Cheers, Mark
Peter_D says
2017-07-13 12:35:31
Forfucksake Try now.
There's a few users that have problem with activate their accounts. All others can handle it without problem.
Peter_D says
2017-07-13 12:33:09
Mark Pearce and others uploaders. The problem i caused by Apple devices and no Flash technology support. I'll try to change scripts to HTML5 compatibile in next few days
Forfucksake says
2017-07-13 12:30:05
So, I check my email (again) click on the link (again) and... ... well... look at my tag... it says it all.
Forfucksake says
2017-07-13 12:27:59
So, I try another browser... and then I get ... Account is not activated yet. Please check your e-mail inbox. "

Forfucksake says
2017-07-13 12:24:49
I tried to log on after registering and receiving the email too.... Keep getting the "SUMTHING GOES WRONG" message
Mark Pearce says
2017-07-10 15:15:00
@ Peter_D and @ CAEW5069 (Mon 10 July 2017)

Thanks for your comment & suggestion (CAEW5069)...
but the problem still remains, & the problem is NOT that the 'Filename' length is too long (or that it contains non-permissible characters) The problem is that I have no flashing cursor to enable me to input the filename/path, (and no "CHOOSE FILE" 'button' (as I DO get in Firefox) which would allow me to select the file to be uploaded. [I am probably not explaining this very well, but I hope you understand what I am trying to say.]

So, the problem STILL EXISTS on my iPad and my iMac (using the Safari browser)

However, I CAN (and indeed I have just successfully uploaded an instruction) using the FIREFOX browser on the same computer. (That is, I CAN 'select' and 'populate' the 'FILENAME to be uploaded' <<FIELD>> when using the Firefox browser)

[In case it helps?? ... For info, I am running OSX Yosemite V.10.10.5 & Safari V.10.1.1 (10603.2.5) (on my iMac), ... and iOS V.9.3.5 (13G36) on my iPad 3.

The FIREFOX browser version that I am using (which DOES permit me to 'populate' the Instructions FILENAME to be uploaded) is V.54.0.1 (64-bit)

Because I have just successfully uploaded an instruction (on my iMac) using the Firefox browser, it seems that the "issue" is NOT related to the OSX operating system. But it MAY be related to the SAFARI browser that I have always been able to use successfully in the past.
My SAFARI browser version is: V.10.1.1 (10603.2.5) - (which is the latest/current update issued by Apple)

Thanks for the attention & input guys, and at least I can (now!) resume uploading instructions.
Best wishes,
Mark Pearce
CAEW5069 says
2017-07-08 11:17:31
Mark, I did but then it adjusted my file name I believe it can not contain any dashs - or be to long rename the file to be up loaded.
Mark Pearce says
2017-07-06 1:02:45

Hi Peter,
I can log in OK, and can DOWNload OK. But I am not able to complete UPLOAD process recently.
On my desktop computer (Mac), I cannot get a flashing cursor (In the 'Instructions File' field) to enable selection of the Instructions file to upload. All other fields DO give me a flashing cursor (allowing keyboard input, or mouse selection of the instructions file which is to be uploaded) and I can complete all the other fields OK.

On my iPad, the Instructions file FIELD is also "greyed out". (The ONLY field that is greyed out??)

Has anyone else reported same issue, and is it possible any recent updates may have "broken" this particular input FIELD (I am ONLY having any problem to complete the INSTRUCTIONS FILE field.

Many thanks in anticipation.
Best wishes. Mark Pearce
(sent midnight, Wed 05 July, 2017)
Monchai says
2017-05-22 19:23:33
How i can move F-20C instructions to right brand? F-20C I put to Kitty Hawk but true brand is FREEDOM Model Kits.
crib says
2017-04-16 12:03:27
add me to guestbook

Peter_D says
2017-04-12 11:11:46
Tigers! Tigers! >> On start You have 10 points. You can exchange points to instrucitons 1 point = 1 instruction.
Tigers! Tigers! says
2017-04-09 20:27:14
what are the points for?
Starbuck1987 says
2017-04-07 9:11:12
I need to look at instructions
BassoRider says
2017-03-22 13:14:03
I have not been able to register at your site. Nothing in spam folder. Tried from both Chrome and Internet Explorer.
ian collins says
2017-03-20 7:09:17
system won't allow me to register could you show me how to fill in the information please as i keep getting rejected
R0b0t says
2017-03-17 9:28:36
Thanks. I'm in. BTW, nothing in spam folder either. Address is on gmail.
Peter_D says
2017-03-17 8:15:22
R0b0t >> try now to login or check your Spam folder :)
R0b0t says
2017-03-17 8:12:47
Signed up, when trying to login e-mail address is recognized as the one not verified yet, but validation e-mail never arrived. Is there an admin I can contact?
Mecheagle says
2017-03-13 19:03:02
Please add me to your guestbook
Pamaral1161 says
2017-03-09 7:53:31
Signed up more than 24 hours ago and I still haven't received my validation email so I can start downloading the instruction sheet I need.
modelakias says
2016-12-31 19:05:04
happy new year to everyone in health and love
Peter_D says
2016-10-16 19:46:40
All duplicate instructions are removed and won't be accepted.
If you want to get extra points just click on advertise :)
Peter_D says
2016-10-16 15:39:57
modelakias >> That's right. You uploaded instructions that were already in database. More of that, those were the same instructions that where uploaded by other users, also uploaded by me. All those duplicates were removed, and points were canceled. Next time try to not upload duplicate instructions and all will be fine.
Peter_D says
2016-10-15 13:10:19
mstrg1024 >> Try now :)
mstrg1024 says
2016-10-15 13:03:20
I tried to register but the email confirmation is not working. It puts me on a regular login site and when I login in it says I have not activated the account yet. I keep going in a circle, any ideas?
Peter_D says
2016-10-11 10:05:34
modelakias >> You should upload pdf in "upload new instruction" section not as jpgs to inbox section ;)
Lae519 says
2016-10-06 14:39:27
Tried to load the M-51 request - Not able to load via the request page again, but was able to load via upload new. I think there is a glitch in the request page.
prisoncityhobbys says
2016-10-04 23:29:27
thank you was help full
Lae519 says
2016-09-29 15:29:59
Well that worked, once this goes up you will have 2 versions of the Academy M-36 on the site.

Lae519 says
2016-09-29 15:26:14
Hi Peter,

I am always looking at the requests. However over the last few weeks I have not been able to upload PDF files through that link. I was just trying to upload the Academy M-36 Jackson, but it says "wrong file format". I will try to upload via the usual upload. just wanted to make you aware. Have a good one...L
tildadog says
2016-09-29 14:41:41
hi, yeah it's all good now, thanks.
David501 says
2016-09-29 11:07:29
Many thanks for the registration fix. Now to work out how to upload for you. Um, could I have a first name, please. Not really keen on talking to a computer screen; rather a person I can imagine. Kindest regards, David
David501 says
2016-09-29 11:06:41
Many thanks for the registration fix. Now to work out how to upload for you. Um, could I have a first name, please. Not really keen on talking to a computer screen; rather a person I can imagine. Kindest regards, David
Peter_D says
2016-09-28 14:33:35
tildadog >> try now. I must test this registration mail once again ;)
tildadog says
2016-09-28 14:22:03
registered today, got confirmation email and followed the link provided. Still can't logon, says my account is not active, check inbox?
stillbrew says
2016-09-25 20:30:48
all working Thx
Peter_D says
2016-09-25 18:54:31
David501 >> Try to login now.
Peter_D says
2016-09-25 18:53:16
stillbrew >> Your account is activated, so what's the problem? You can now login.
stillbrew says
2016-09-25 18:26:59
regestered but confirmation email recieved, not in spam folder?
David501 says
2016-09-25 14:03:31
Sorry, folks. Bad registration address in my email. Error= "Oops, Can't find address."
Kindest regards
Peter_D says
2016-09-20 17:32:36
beachcombers >> Try now! :)
beachcombers says
2016-09-20 16:38:09
I have registered and clicked the confirmation email that was sent to me but the website wont let me log in. If you could please help. Great site by the way.
Peter_D says
2016-09-13 7:20:53
Relative Wind >> Check your spam folder. Other way I'll activate you manually
Relative Wind says
2016-09-13 6:01:46
Hello I haven't received my email activation can you help me?
Jimbo says
2016-08-26 4:41:01
Peter, Links for michaeld4500 are not letting me download the files. Resolved problem is still not working. The cursor on computer won't allow me to click on these files, but all others are working well. Can you take another look when you have some free time? Thanks!
Peter_D says
2016-08-26 0:24:49
Jimbo >> Problem resolved :)
Jimbo says
2016-08-24 9:38:02
michaeld4500 SH-2F Seasprite and USS WASP LHD-1 Page doesn't want to load so they can be downloaded. Can you check these. Thank You!!! PS: This has happened on others in the past. I use a MAC.
Peter_D says
2016-08-24 7:21:06
Jimbo >> Whitch one? I've checked last 12 uploads and they works fine...
Jimbo says
2016-08-24 2:27:33
michaeld4500 please check your last uploads. They are all not working properly and can't be downloaded. Can you fix them?
Peter_D says
2016-07-29 19:57:13
impala >> I see, that You're activated your account
Peter_D says
2016-07-29 19:54:22
Grog>> Try now to login
Grog says
2016-07-29 19:48:21
got confirmation email, and still cannot sign in ...what now?
impala says
2016-07-27 23:49:34
I also have not received a confirmation email. How do I get registered so I can get on the site.
Python357 says
2016-07-08 1:12:29
The email with the confirmation link does not work. It is not a clickable link just text. Please is there some other way to activate registration. I really need Revell 1/32 scale P-38 instructions. I do not mind free registration but it should be very simple. Thanks
Keith says
2016-07-03 16:30:14
If I try logging in, I get a message that says my email is not in database. If I try to register, I get a message that says my email is already in the in database. I need Tamiya's 1/48 F-51D instructions, how do I get them?
jenks says
2016-07-02 11:13:27
tried to download instructions for 1/25 scale Revell 0745 Peterbilt 353 Alaskan Hauler several times from website. 1-23 pages downloads in chrome but only prints 1st sheet not the rest what's going on here.
Incidentally the above instructions are exactly the same for 1/25 scale Revell 7546 Peterbilt Canadian Hauler which is an earlier kit but the Canadian Hauler kit decals are different from the Alaskan Hauler
JJ_Jumper says
2016-06-29 20:07:12
hello, i need the manuel for classic airframes fokker d21

kit nr 94-401-2700 mine is lost

pls help
Aussie747 says
2016-06-16 11:56:37
I have just registered and have not received activation email. May have misspelled Nick as Ausssie747 when registering. Can you correct it and activate account?
meindert says
2016-06-15 14:37:58
Great site, thanks for all the effort put into it. Really enjoyed it and the instructions are really also useful to see what's in a box and buy the kit!
JJ says
2016-06-06 23:02:13
interesting site
kchamp says
2016-05-30 17:21:20
This is a nice reference site.
Taavo says
2016-04-28 20:06:31
Taavo says
2016-04-28 20:06:13
Kaeto says
2016-04-25 18:20:23
It Works Thank you.
Peter_D says
2016-04-25 18:07:28
Kaeto >> Try now.
Kaeto says
2016-04-25 17:46:19
When I try to login it tells me that my account is not activated yet, and this is when I use the activation link.
giovanni1508 says
2016-04-05 19:24:30
Great site. I was looking for instruction booklet to complete an old kit and I've found. Great !
Brian says
2016-03-07 5:01:18
I love this site
Shelton says
2016-03-05 13:33:53
Great Library, keep going!
Moshe says
2016-03-04 16:40:30
Great site :)
Peter_D says
2016-02-22 15:30:43
toecutter >> I've activated you manually if your E-mail is starting from: afv051...
toecutter says
2016-02-22 15:06:11
have tried repeated for the last two weeks to regester so I can log in and get no responce. What do I need to do to regester . thanks
Lae519 says
2016-02-17 17:01:47
Trying to upload a few files - there is no way to choose the file to upload. I tried IE10 & Firefox.
Peter_D says
2016-01-27 16:58:05
Lae519 >> Thank You for upload. I'll check it out, and remove duplicates :)
Lae519 says
2016-01-27 16:04:47

I may have uploaded a couple of dupes over the last few days. Please delete any duplicate uploads.

Sorry for the inconvience.
Peter_D says
2016-01-18 19:10:12
OK, try chrome version now
KP says
2016-01-14 3:23:14
I can only view the 1st page of the chrome instructions?
lolo says
2016-01-13 1:33:43
Hi I forgot my password and my email for some reason is not receiving the verification. thx
huey says
2016-01-12 22:04:56
instruction for Hasagawa F-4j
huey says
2016-01-12 22:04:26
instruction for Hasagawa F-4j
Rick says
2015-12-16 1:26:02
EFW40 says
2015-12-16 1:25:42
Peter_D says
2015-12-15 10:02:48
Drew, Lolo, you are activated manually :)
If you don't receive mails, it's probably a problem with your mail account that reject some specific messages.
lolo says
2015-12-15 1:55:25
Still no verification Email. I give up!!!!
Drew says
2015-12-14 16:26:03
Hey there! No return link or email on any of my three emails - checked SPAM and all - would love to get enrolled sot hat I can send you guys some plans - got 40 years worth! LOL!
lolo says
2015-12-14 10:08:38
I register but I have not received the verification code. thx
Peter_D says
2015-12-14 8:43:25
Drew, there is over 4000 active users in my database. Also, there's no inactive user nick like "Drew". I have found your e-mail - theoracle7...
Also, did you get confirmation mail, about activate your account? Did You click in link inside of it?
Drew says
2015-12-14 2:04:33
Would love to use this site, but after 3 separate emails to establish a registration - I was told all three exist previously. This makes it very disconcerting to try to use this site! Wake the admin guy - he's got a software issue! LOL!
Peter_D says
2015-11-06 21:14:54
tankbuffred >> I've activated You manually.
I must check what is wrong with this part of code.
tankbuffred says
2015-11-06 20:50:41
Received another confirmation/activation e-mail. Had the same issue. My phone e-mail client recognized part of the link and took me to a logon screen. Unfortunately when I attempted to logon I got the same 'account not activated' message. Very frustrating.
tankbuffred says
2015-11-06 19:30:06
Dear Peter_D,
I've received a confirmation e-mail following registering on the website.
Unfortunately the account activation link sent to my inbox does not work, so I'm unable to activate my account.
The link was not recognized as a valid URL/webpage by any of my email programs (Outlook, Windows mail, web mail online and my android phone e-mail client).
Please can a new activation confirmation mail be sent, or can you activate my account manually.
Kind regards,
Barry says
2015-11-02 15:45:49
charlesw321 says
2015-10-24 18:24:13
I've checked my spam folder and inbox with no luck.
Peter_D says
2015-10-24 15:31:09
charlesw321 >> I've confirmed your account manually. Try now and also search Your spam folder. Maybe there You will find confirmation e-mail :)
charlesw321 says
2015-10-24 11:15:50
Hi, I like the look of your site. I've tried to register, but have not received a confirmation email. Can you please look at this? My email address is: charlesw321@aol.com

Peter_D says
2015-10-21 20:22:50
Greg >> Thank You for Your upload. This is great thing that people like you are able to take they time and upload instructions. Great job, thanks for your time.
I'll take a look at Mirage and Tornado.
Greg says
2015-10-21 15:24:55
Peter - one more upload mistake. I uploaded an Italeri 1/48 Tornado IDS #838 as 1/72 scale.
Greg says
2015-10-19 15:48:32
Peter - I was uploading a long list of instructions this morning, including two Mirages - a Lindberg Kit and a Matchbox kit. On the first pass, I accidentally loaded the Lindberg instructions with the Matchbox name, then figured out what I had done and uploaded the two correct versions. You may need to sort that out before you post! I include a picture of the box with each set, so it should be easy to see which is the incorrect set of the 3.
Greg says
2015-10-08 16:32:10
Ok - I'll keep adding...! I appreciate this service, as I had to find two different sets of instructions just in the last month!
Peter_D says
2015-10-08 15:45:30
Greg >> Thanks for upload. Your instructions are in queue now. They will be dosplay in few next days.
Can't wait for your next instructions.
Greg says
2015-10-08 15:40:51
I uploaded 21 sets of instructions yesterday, and am still not seeing them on the site. I have about 400 old kits in my stash and was planning to upload them all eventually, but don't want to waste the time to do so if they are not needed or if I am doing something wrong to make them acceptable. I love this as a resource and am willing to contribute, but don't want to waste time.
Peter_D says
2015-10-01 7:47:45
fcmdecal >> thanks for you great work. All your files (7) are queued and will be displayed soon. Right now for publication waits about 30 instructions.
fcmdecal says
2015-10-01 7:31:50
I have scanning the instructions and sending some for this site. However I have following the site for some weeks and none of the instructions I uploaded was included to database... I do not feel good to make this job for nothing, so I will stop this untill I can see my contributions available in the site.
Petet says
2015-09-17 19:53:30
I am trying to register on you're site and I am having problems I need intructions for a 1/48 scale trumpeter F 100 D
Peter_D says
2015-06-19 12:03:35
Matt Hancock >> First of all, try different browser like Firefox, Chrone etc.
I'll check it out what is going on with IE today.
Matt Hancock says
2015-06-19 7:06:49

I am having trouble downloading the two Zvezda kits listed below. I click the download button enter the &#8220;AntiBOT Protection&#8221; question but then nothing happens. I have checked by IE download file but there is nothing there and there is nothing to show that a download is in process.


What am I doing wrong (am not the most computer savvy)?

Many Thanks for any help

colorbox says
2015-06-17 20:03:38
imposible ti login.
several times change the password, never work it
Mark Pearce says
2015-06-15 20:13:29
Hi Piotr, (Mark from the UK)

I see you are busy uploading the latest "snowstorm" of uploaded instructions to the site. Keep busy, there's another one just on its way to you!

I thought I would try to catch you this way&#8230; because I don't know if you got the email I sent you previously, regarding the following?

The box covert art .jpeg you have up on the site for kit: Zvezda #3596 (L 4500A Heavy German Cargo 4x4 Truck) is the INCORRECT box illustration for the kit instructions that I provided.

The instructions that I uploaded are for the "curved, pressed steel driver cabin" version - (Zvezda #3596), but the boxcover picture you have illustrates the square, wooden "Einheitsfahrerhaus" ("dog-house" !!) version (Zvezda #3647)

As you may already know, there are at least THREE different Zvezda kits based on this Mercedes-Benz L4500 chassis, so it's hardly surprising that one model can sometimes be confused with another!

I hope you don't mind me point this out, Piotr, but just trying to help you avoid in case someone complains (there is sure to be one!)

Also, Piotr &#8230; you just keep working hard with that shovel to put the instructions up on the site, and I'll keep hitting you with more!!!! ;-) Hope what I have been sending you is all OK up to now?

Best regards, and happy "busy-busy" uploading.

ray says
2015-06-10 22:23:18
warren.clews@bigpond.com.au says
2015-05-25 11:37:20
I've tried several different instructions and they don't download. I've checked all mail folders. Any further suggestions....
Niak says
2015-04-29 8:17:41
yes, I did.
Peter_D says
2015-04-29 7:15:17
Niak >> Did You click on link in registration e-mail?
Niak says
2015-04-29 7:12:14
Unable to log in. I can register, get a confirmation email with link but when I log in, it tells me "Account is not activated yet". Can someone active manualy, please ? Thanks
Peter_D says
2015-03-28 21:35:41
Please write to me at facebook, I'll try to give a solution to your problem.
RICK says
2015-03-28 20:57:28
It will not let me get that far just keeps telling me all my e-mail addresses exist in the database.
Peter_D says
2015-03-28 20:45:04
Did you get confirmation email?
RICK says
2015-03-28 19:23:32
I have tried 3 different e-mail addresses and it keeps telling me they exist in the database.
Peter_D says
2015-03-28 18:46:22
RICK >> Tell me, all fields are correct?
RICK says
2015-03-28 18:26:03
It keeps coming up with this message no matter what e-mail I use.Oooops...Somthing goes wrong. Check all fields.
User or email exist on our database.
RICK says
2015-03-28 18:23:26
Can anyone tell me how to register it will not allow me to register keeps coming up with error screen.
woody says
2015-03-20 13:43:44
instructions for b1b
Peter_D says
2015-02-18 7:14:55
tazz>> Ar234C can be found here: http://galaxykits.com/instructions/instruction/1241/arado_ar234c-3c-4_lightning
tazz_463 says
2015-02-18 1:18:28
Ar234C Instruuctions
jmpaliza says
2015-02-01 19:39:00
trimaster he 162
jmpaliza says
2015-02-01 19:37:47
where do instructions go when downloaded? I've donde it 3 times and I dont find them anywhere!!!
Peter_D says
2015-01-20 8:44:10
RG >> Please give me your full nickname or email address. Also please check out your SPAM folder.
RG says
2015-01-20 8:39:27
Hey, can someone at KIT INSTRUCTIONS send me another confirmation email. I can't log onto the site. It seems that my account is not activated.
Mragonese says
2015-01-19 3:29:38
Can't even register. Really????
Gold says
2014-12-22 3:28:54
I uploaded a copy of the Airfix Mk.I (Floats) after much trial and error. I hope it is useful. I suspect the problems I was having with the neevia software was due to my using the evaluation level. Considering the trouble I had, I'm not sure i would buy it!
gold says
2014-12-22 1:06:39
Well, I'm making progress. I have been able to convert the jpg files to pdf and I merged them. BUT, each page has a stamp 'www.neevia.com' on it and I can't get rid of it! On the merged copy of the files, it shows up several times and really blocks much of the drawings. If I did something wrong when I started the process, I'll go back and try again but I don't remember seeing any options to include or exclude the neevia stamp.
Peter_D says
2014-12-21 22:30:49
Gold >> Simon wrote below about converting jpgs to pdf:

and then merge the individual .pdf pages into one big file using the free software on this site - http://foxyutils.com/mergepdf/
Gold says
2014-12-21 22:22:44
I have tried to send a copy of the Airfix Swordfish Mk.I (Floats) but the up-loader will not accept a jpeg file. I don't know how to convert it to a pdf file. I have Windows XP and Windows 8.1. Any suggestions?
pogo says
2014-12-15 14:19:28
Hi Peter,
I have uploaded instructions for an F16 cockpit however, they do not appear on your site.
The item appears in the latest stash update list however, when you click on it the page that opens flashes continuously with no info other than the pictures at the top of the page.

Also some clarification on the upload process would be good ie explain more about inbox etc

Peter_D says
2014-12-07 20:39:11
Hi. For all of You whu can't register or change password. Please chceck Spam folder. There should be confirmation mail.
alhdisco says
2014-12-05 22:26:33
Tried to register at your site but have not received an activation link

Can you help

Jocojoe says
2014-11-20 16:22:30
Today i uploaded Revell 1/144 MiG 1.44 MFI, but the instrucion was incomplete, I forgot to scan the painting sheet. How can I fix it?
Jocojoe says
2014-11-20 16:19:37
Hello. Few week ago I uploaded a 1/144 Focke Wulf FW-190-A8
(undefined, , no.04917) miniwings kit, I forgot to add manufacturer. It's Revell.
Stuart says
2014-11-12 0:49:02
unable to register. have tried at least 4 times.
Jimbo says
2014-11-08 18:15:58
F-18G Growler Instructions by Lady Phoenix are not working. Can the be fixed?
2014-11-01 21:28:12
Unable to log into this site to download kit instructions. I don't know what Nick* means.

Captain Bob
2014-10-15 15:56:43
I am having trouble logging in, I have reset password 4 times now and still no access to my account, what am I doing wrong.
Kind regards
Peter_D says
2014-09-18 21:32:36
bill >> Password is encrypted and I can't send it to You. Use password reminder to recover it :)
bill says
2014-09-18 10:54:25
can u send my password to my email ???
Steven says
2014-08-27 18:04:01
Hello. I have registered and have received a email confirming registration. However, when I click on the link which takes me to the login site and log in I get this message:
"Oooops...Something goes wrong. Check all fields.
Account is not activated yet. Please check your e-mail inbox." What to do?
jacp says
2014-08-24 16:26:19
hi Chief5437, where you found the spam folder?, could you help me please? regards
jacp says
2014-08-24 16:17:17
Hi Peter, how I go to spam folder, my accaount still deactivated, could you help me please?
Chief5437 says
2014-08-12 17:47:59
Ha! Found it! Thanks very much.
Peter_D says
2014-08-12 14:14:23
Chief5437 >> Check spam folder
Chief5437 says
2014-08-12 14:07:00
Hi, looks like a great resource you have here. I registered but have not received a confirmation email. Can you help? Cheers.
Peter_D says
2014-07-28 17:15:05
CJ >> I've activated You manualy, but You should also check You soam folder for mail with activation link.
CJ says
2014-07-28 16:47:51
I would love to make contributions to this great site, but I can't procure access. I never got sent an activation link. Could someone help me out here?
jvtroyen says
2014-07-28 8:52:00
Just wanted to say hi and a big thanks for setting up this archive. I was looking for an instruction download for Moebius's Colonial Viper Mark II and hit this site in mere seconds.
I'll make sure to add some uploads from my own moderate stash.
Nutball says
2014-07-21 22:47:33
OK. The link finally displayed that the account had been activated. Every other time it just brought up the Login screen. Not sure what the problem was.

Nutball says
2014-07-21 22:26:06
Hi Peter,

I followed the only available link in the e-mail and it brought up the 'Login form' page where you can enter login information or change password. I entered e-mail and password in the login area, clicked the 'Login' button and I get a "Account is not activated yet. Please check your e-mail inbox." message. I don't see anywhere on the linked page where you can confirm anything other than the login entries. What am I missing?

I've done this 3 or 4 times with the same result. Maybe I messed up the password? I don't think I did as it one I commonly use and it is easy to type.
Peter_D says
2014-07-21 20:32:53
Nutball >> You didn;t activate your account. Link is in e-mail.
Nutball says
2014-07-21 20:21:13
Hello, I just registered and received the confirmation e-mail. However, I cannot log in using the e-mail and password I entered.

Appreciate any help you can give.

Peter_D says
2014-07-13 11:08:48
HI! Fron now on You can change and reset passwords if you forget them :)
dave says
2014-06-13 17:07:46
Still trying to make contact I cant log on please can somebody assist cancel my log on and I will retry.

Regards Dave Porter
BVila says
2014-06-06 14:14:30
Dear Peter,

I am a member of forum (http://forum.plastibrasil.org/) and would like your permission to promote your website here.

As your site helped me, I hope that I and my friends potion help your website to grow.

Thank you.
Beak says
2014-06-04 4:22:11
What I am trying to download is the Mirage Hobby HMS Campbeltown St. Nazaire 1;400 scale lit instructions for kit # 400608 and I see it in the library but can not log in to download it. From looking at some of the posts to the guest book it seems I need to have to be confirmed to start using.
I will wait and see if I get an eMail and go from there.
Beak says
2014-06-04 4:07:10
I just joined and it seems my eMail is OK but I messed up my password and can't remember it can you send me an activation or do what it takes to be able to use the site ? Thank You.
Wolf73 says
2014-06-02 9:30:42
or Revell database
Wolf73 says
2014-06-02 9:26:34
@Kathy: is that a reply to me?
Cause I don't see the carrier in the Heller database
Kathy says
2014-06-01 22:23:35
Instruction got wet need new ones
Wolf73 says
2014-05-30 9:55:36
Hi...I just uploaded an instruction and I wanted to add some photo's. I already done it once, but somehow I forgot how to....
junior says
2014-05-30 1:59:58
manual p40
junior says
2014-05-30 1:59:35
Cadominkid says
2014-05-20 22:03:23
Lost email to activation, Please resend...Thanks
Russ says
2014-05-08 1:20:10
Thanks Peter. Works perfect.
Peter_D says
2014-05-08 1:00:45
Russ > I've activate You manually :) Feel free to download and upload instructions
Russ says
2014-05-08 0:50:10
Nothing in there.
Peter_D says
2014-05-08 0:45:20
Russ > Check out spam folder
Russ says
2014-05-08 0:40:17
Can't login. Says I'm in database but account has not been activated, check email, but haven't received any. Help.
Dahlia Man says
2014-05-05 10:34:47
Hello all
I am new to the site. I have returned to model making after about 45 years due to physical health issues meaning I can no longer continue my hobby of 20+ years, being that of dahlia propagation, growing and exhibiting. In regards to model making I have to say its a different world to what I recall in terms of kit quality as back in the day it was only Airfix or the odd Revell, but now with Tamiya and others I am astounded to the level of detail. My particular model building loves are motorcycles and cars and I have built several including both racing and road 'cycles (Honda; Suzuki; Yamaha; Ducati), and road cars (Ferrari; BMW; Jaguar). I have thoroughly enjoyed and continue to enjoy building every single model and each presents its challenge. By the way, I am from the UK :)
Regards, Paul (Dahlia Man)
LarryE says
2014-04-19 14:18:58
Peter - Some great updates here, looks good!!! I have a few more for you as soon as you catch up....:-)
yeti says
2014-03-06 1:45:35
hello fellow nerds.
Peter_D says
2014-02-28 15:12:25
LarryE > Yes, I got it. Thanks for uploading. I'll update list today :)
LarryE says
2014-02-28 14:53:43
Peter- Did you receive the last few batches I uploaded? I don't see anything the on the pending list...
Peter_D says
2014-02-16 17:59:22
Hi :) Finally I found a bug in Chrome and Opera :)
dkakos says
2014-02-16 17:37:57
Awesome work!!! Keep it up :D
As I saw in previous comments, something's wrong with Chrome. I 've disanled ABP, but no luck.
Works in Firefox perfectly though, either with ABP on or off!
Puddy says
2014-02-09 23:19:53
Peter, Thank you very much for the link. I got the instructions for the Opel Blitz truck. I look forward to using your site more in the future. It's a great site. I have several sets of plans that I will upload as soon as I can. Hope we can work out the download issue.
Peter_D says
2014-02-09 13:58:06
xavier2cv >> Hi, and thanks for good words :)
You can only upload instructions. Box cover can be included with instruction pdf or you can place box link in inbox field. Usually I search box covers by my own, so uploader don't have to include box arts :)
xavier2cv says
2014-02-09 13:54:32
Hi. Great site and super idea, I found some instructions I am missing. I am on Firefox, I can not see how to upload photo/scan of the box cover (BTW, for the box cover, you prefer jpg or pdf ?), I can only upload the instructions. Thanks
Peter_D says
2014-02-09 12:33:31
Puddy >> try this link: http://galaxykits.com/instructions/downloadFile.php?file=opel_blitz_3x_6071.pdf Meanwhile I'll check Chrome problem :)
Puddy says
2014-02-09 12:28:15
Peter, nothing in the Downloads folder. My browser is Google Chrome. The kit instruction I am trying to download is the Italeri German Truck Opel Blitz Type S.
Peter_D says
2014-02-09 1:05:41
Puddy >> HI. Please check out default download folder or if You're using IE 6 browser...change browser for something more modern :)
Puddy says
2014-02-08 15:36:12
Hi Peter. I just registered to your site. I am trying to download an instruction and when I click on the "DOWNLOAD KIT INSTRUCTION", nothing seems to happen. I get no indication that a download is taking place or where on my computer it may be going.
Puddy says
2014-02-08 15:34:29
Hi Peter. I just registered to your site. I am trying to download an instruction and when I click on the "DOWNLOAD KIT INSTRUCTION"
Larry E says
2014-01-28 17:48:58
Hi Peter.. I just uploaded a few more instructions, but noticed they were up already. Is there any way to avoid this other than searching the entire DB? Also Meng Models has 3 listings, MENG, Meng Models & Meng. Can this be cleaned up as well, (one of my dupes), sorry ;-(

Romanella says
2014-01-23 23:20:40
Thanks to all. From chrome any download works.
From firefox I able to download every instruction.
Peter_D says
2014-01-23 15:11:22
Romanella>> Please try this direct link.
Today I'll check download at IE.
Wolf73 says
2014-01-23 14:23:28
I had the same problem as Romella when I tried to download via IE.
With Firefox everything went smootly
Romanella says
2014-01-22 17:25:10
i'm searching download this Lockheed SR-71A-B Blackbird
Serial no.: 145
See also:
- Manufacturer: Italeri
- Scale: 1:72
- Category: Airplanes
Romanella says
2014-01-22 17:23:05
Hi, i'm a new entry. I registered but when I try to downlaod any document, the same page re-open in an other tab. No download in no way.. please help me.. where i'm wrong?
Wolf73 says
2014-01-15 9:36:29
Great site.
It's nice to do my part to update this library with some uploads.

Peter_D says
2014-01-11 1:00:20
LarryE >> Strange situation. It works for me. Please try another browser or check if you have Flash Player installed.
LarryE says
2014-01-11 0:21:45
Peter - I have not been able to upload anything from the 109 panel on - it just bounces me back to the main page. Any ideas?
Peter_D says
2014-01-09 17:53:28
colorbox > Please tell me, do You still can't login?

STEVEG > Please tell me what instruction You can't download. I;ll try it by my self.
PS. Everybody will be very happy about those old-timer instructions from your collection :)
2014-01-09 3:33:18
Hi-- I am having difficulty downloading instructions. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? It all looks so straightforward!

Thank you!

I should be able to provide instructions for a number of 1950s-1960s Aurora, Revell, and other kits (some have to be reconfigured so they meet your size requirments).
colorbox says
2014-01-07 22:46:32
Hi there
I can´t login. the password don´t work
Pauly says
2014-01-06 19:34:45
Looking for instructions for 1/32 trumpeter f4u-4 #02222 if any one can help im at losak123@yahoo.com Thanks
Pauly says
2014-01-06 19:33:10
Looking for instructions for 1/32 trumpeter f4u-4 #02222
Jaydub says
2013-12-30 0:05:21
Dear Sir: Thank you for having this web site. When I purchase a kit. One of the first I do when I get home is open the box and ensure all the parts and directions are included. I normally take out the instructions, briefly study them and make any necessary and pertinent notes. Since all my models are kept in the garage, I file the instructions in a file folder. We'll guess what our house cleaners thought it was trash and zoom they are all missing. Somewhere around three hundred or so assembly guides.
I have gotten some help from Dragon,Italeri but I still have long way to go. Your web site will help immensely. I will not for get the donation portion. Thank You J.R.W II retired DC 10 Captain
Modelbouwerke says
2013-12-23 19:44:38
When I have some time I'll look true my stash for some instructions I can upload to the site.
Modelbouwerke says
2013-12-23 19:43:07
@ Lae519. Thanks for the scans. They are great.

@ Peter_D. That's a working link, Thank you too.
Peter_D says
2013-12-22 16:33:44
Lae. Last uploaded instruction is for: Antitank Gun. HOF doesn't work because field Uploaded by is empty. I'll correct it manualy :)
Lae519 says
2013-12-22 16:08:31
Hi Peter - When you click on the link it send you back to the home page.

Can you tell me if you received the last 10 - 15 uploads I sent? The HOF numbers seen to not be working...

Peter_D says
2013-12-21 22:22:12
Modelbouwerke, it's work correctly for me. Direct link to this file is:
Lae519 says
2013-12-21 16:11:13
Modelbouwerke - on the way....
Modelbouwerke says
2013-12-21 15:56:20
Lae519. Many thanks.
E-mail adress: modelbouwerke ad modelbouwerke dot be , no spacing ofcourse.
Lae519 says
2013-12-21 15:42:48
Modelbouwerke - Looks like a bad link - I have these at home - if you post an email address I'll send them to you.. L
Modelbouwerke says
2013-12-21 13:47:33
I guys, I'm trying to downlaod the next instructions
But nothing happens.
What do I do wrong?
I use both IE and Chrome and I click ont he button Downlaod.
Please help, so I can donate the kit to the kid next door.
Peter_D says
2013-12-07 23:12:58
Simon, message sent to old email. Please respond :)
Simon Laxon says
2013-12-07 20:19:16
Hi Peter_D,

My email has changed, how do I go about updating my account?

Simon :-)
Simon Laxon says
2013-11-28 10:22:59
Hi Lae519, Great uploads :-)
Peter_D says
2013-11-02 12:47:46
Hi Lae519. Thank you for uploading whole bunch of instructions. They will be available through next few days. I'll be happy of all kind of any new instructions :)
Lae519 says
2013-10-31 18:28:08
Hi Guys- Happy to upload a few for you over the last few weeks. I ran into a big lot at a yard sale a few months back and started scanning. If you have requests let me know as I'm only about 1/4 of the way through - Love the Pumpkins - Larry
Ng LK says
2013-10-26 18:37:10
sci fi instructions galore! Great site!
Peter_D says
2013-10-26 14:03:51
Thanks Mark...You're the man!
Mark M says
2013-10-26 12:43:37
Just Added this site to my forum www.mainlymilitary.co.uk what a great resource you have here
Freddy says
2013-10-14 22:28:20
why am I having trouble logging -in> I am already registered.
Peter_D says
2013-08-21 10:56:30
smackers>> Glad you ask, I'll be happy of all help about instructions.
First check out Hint subpage. There you can find all procedure of scanning and uploading files.
In other words:
- scan and merge all pages to pdf file.
- if its possible include scan or internet file of boxart and decals into pdf file
- upload file
- if it's inpossible to add box art I'll do it by my own :)
Thanks for help
smackers says
2013-08-21 2:07:16
Hi Peter, Please explain the upload procedure to me as i am confused a little as how this works.
I wish to donate instructions from my personal stash of over 900 kits. I have my own scanner so scanning of instructions and boxart is ok. Do i convert scans into PDF then upload or do i need to upload the scans only? Where does boxart come from? Should i take picture or scan of boxart as required and upload with instruction? Regards Mike
duwaII says
2013-03-08 16:08:16
Great First Time Looking At This Site!
Simon Laxon says
2013-02-02 17:21:09
I meant to say in my previous message - that you can convert your scanned instructions sheets into single .pdf files, free on this site - http://convert.neevia.com/pdfconvert/

and then merge the individual .pdf pages into one big file using the free software on this site - http://foxyutils.com/mergepdf/

You can then save the converted files to your PC and upload them to this site. It is really easy to use and does not cost anything.

Simon Laxon says
2013-01-30 15:30:08
You can convert free scans of instruction sheets at this site - http://convert.neevia.com/pdfconvert/

And you can then merge them on this free site. They are both pretty easy to use.

Simon :-)

Peter_D says
2013-01-29 9:54:54
Thank you guys. I'm really happy that i can help. I have
about 200 instructions awaiting for scan and publish. So be
sure, that this site will grow in strength.
Also I count for your help. If you have a chance to scan
your instructions, I\'ll be grateful for help. If you don\'t
have possibilities do create pdf from scans, please send me
them as a zip files. Thanks :)
MAURO says
2013-01-28 20:33:09
Great idea, congratulations, as soon I can I will aport my instruccions sheets.

kurt says
2013-01-28 17:46:06
very nice and helpful site, thanks!
mitcher says
2013-01-27 1:21:53
Thanks very much for creating this site! I hope to be able to scan some of the instructions I have and prep them for uploading.
Peter_D says
2013-01-16 22:56:33
Doug Moffatt, Ozjedi, login are Your emails. About passwords, maybe you've made mistakes while entering during registrations?
Simon Laxon says
2012-12-01 20:34:28
Great Site! I am in the process of scanning all of my Instruction sheets to PDF files. I will continue to upload them to here as I scan them.
Best wishes
Peter_D says
2012-10-23 20:29:08
Hi Pedro.
I'm very happy of your uploads and engagement. It's helping me in building bigger and bigger instruction library for people around the World.

I'm great fan people like You.

Thanks for help.
Pedro Fernandes says
2012-10-23 20:22:02
Congrats on your great site!!!
I'm very happy to contribute with all my instructions!

Keep it up!!

best regards

Pedro Fernandes
Peter_D says
2012-01-10 12:59:21
Hi Adam thanks for your post.
Search is one of next features of this site. For now, there
is only about 250 instructions. You can simply go to "browse
instructions", hit ctrl+f and search by whatever you want :)
I know that search field will be necessary in future and I
guarantees you that it will appear in right time :)

For all of you, if you have any idea how to improve
site...please tell me

Adam says
2012-01-10 10:43:37
Hi. It's look ver good. But without catalog number search criteria it is useless if your database grows up. Not many people would browse categories with tens or even hundreds of instructions. The purpose of this portal is to search instruction, not only to gather them. But on the first page you see big button "add instruction". To use MAIN feature - search - I must to click several times. Your portal looks very nice estetically, but functionality and usability is not your good side.

Best wishes
Peter_D says
2011-10-07 22:14:14
Hi! Welcome to my site with model kit instructions. Hope You like it!
As You can see, from now on, you can write anything at this guest book.
Feel free to write to me any suggestions and new ideas to improve this site.
I'll try to analyze them and bring them to live :)